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Welcome to The Law of Being


The Law of Being is all about getting to the core of change so that you can tap into the true potential of who you really are.





So think about this…


  • What kind of relationships do you have?

  • What are your friends like?

  • How do you communicate with family members? With colleagues from work?

  • What is your business or career like?

  • What is your income?

  • How is your health and overall energy?

  • What do you THINK about how happy and successful you’ve been to this point in your life?


Now, ask yourself, who are you being in all of these areas of your life?


That’s a question you probably don’t know quite how to answer right now. The Law of Being program will help you find that answer. And why is that important? Because who you are BEING repels and attracts everything you want in your life. Your relationships, friends, family, career, finances, health – in fact, your entire world is created by the way you are being in your life.  

The way you are being determining your thoughts, which cause your emotions, which lead to your actions (or sometimes, your lack of action), which lead to your results – and those results reinforce your belief system. It’s a revolving cycle. By getting to the core of who you really are, the Law of Being helps you recreate that cycle to realize the life you desire.


THE LAW OF BEING: A Complete System for Unlocking Your True Potential


The Law of Being is a system of automatic attraction that can be used to create happiness, health, wisdom, and wealth in your life and in the lives of those you work and live with. It is a system for full engagement in your life, including on the job and in your relationships. It is a system that helps you remember who you are and why you’re here and helps you live to your potential and share that with others. It is a system of being who you really are, instead of acting in a way that you believe will get you what you want. Finally, it’s a system of self-development that will help you realize dreams you may never even have had, and breakthrough any obstacles that prevent you from making those dreams a reality. It is a program – quite literally – just for, and all about, YOU!


Within this program, you will receive:


  • 11 Audio CDs (digital coming soon) that walk you through a step-by-step system for unlocking your true potential.  Your personal guide, Bruce D Schneider, explains all the concepts, principles, and exercises, and helps you make the Law of Being work for you to create abundance in happiness, health, wisdom, and wealth.  

  • A bonus CD containing the most powerful technique available for manifesting what you desire.

  • A 200+ page full-color Self-Mastery Workbook so you can take this work further and more fully implement the Law of Being into your life.

  • The one-of-a-kind Energy Leadership Index Assessment which will help you understand exactly who you are being, and why, in this very moment in your life.

  • A one-on-one coaching session to help you understand your assessment results and devise multiple strategies for you to start being your true potential.  

  • A copy of the fast-selling book, Energy Leadership, which will further deepen your understanding of how our Energy and thoughts shape our reactions and thus our results.

  • A personal journal that will help you track your progress and continuously increase your awareness of “who you are being” at each moment.

Picture this scenario and ask yourself: “What would this do for my life?”


Imagine… A situation arises that strikes a chord in you.  It pushes an unconscious button from long ago of a person who you believed took advantage of you; or maybe that time you feel you failed at something important. Instead of reacting to that button, you consciously choose to understand it and use it to help you reach success. You actually embrace this challenge, and all others that follow as an opportunity and use your newfound wisdom to succeed in ways you never have before.  You have total confidence in who you are, so much so, that any situation or challenge that arises is relatively easy to navigate through because you know, without hesitation or doubt, the guiding principles and beliefs that you’ve consciously chosen to guide your behaviors and actions to lead you to success.


So, if this were true, what would it do for your life?  How would your life be different if you consciously responded, instead of automatically reacted, to everything that came your way?

What would be the biggest challenge you’d want to tackle next because you knew you couldn’t fail?  And, what impact would this have on your relationships, your stress level, or your overall enjoyment of this game we call life?


That’s what the Law of Being is all about – consciously creating your world so that it responds to you.  You are the cause of your life’s experience.  This program guides you through a powerful process of positive abundance, where you can create more happiness, better health, more wisdom, and greater financial wealth, and… all without effort!

The Law of Being states that:


                        “Who you are being is based on your level of conscious awareness of who you really are. This determines what and who you are going to attract and what type of life you will live. It is a formula that determines your reality. It’s how you create your world.” 

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