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About Me


Jennifer is an amazing coach and person.  She is a master of the EL concepts, but more importantly, she is a great listener.  Jennifer coached me through a dramatic transformation in my life that has had lasting impacts.  I was constantly guilting myself over and over again; I felt like I was always on a sinking ship.  Her emotionally intelligent and empathetic approach allowed me to be very honest with myself about things I tolerated that were in direct conflict with my core values.  Knowledge is power and Jennifer helped me learn so much about myself.  I am a powerful person because of it.  I can now identify where I am and where others are, energetically with ease, then use the strategies we developed together to get the most out of my life both personally and professionally.  Jennifer’s EL coaching has been such a blessing in my life; through our coaching sessions I have made improvements in the way I think about myself, in my career, in the way I parent, in my finances, and my marriage, too. -Justin M.

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